Custom Package Include:

Tables, Chairs, Decorations, bounce house, music, food area, decoration, glow in the dark party, and much more.  no stress!

Our package are inclusive and very competitive.

In order to get a price you will have to make an appointment with the coordinator to build your own package and cover all your needs.

Text 860-967-5329


In order  to book a birthday party you need a $100.00 deposit non-refundable

(suite 9) small venues     

*Two rooms accommodate 60 guest or less including kids

*One room accommodate 80 guest 0r less including kids

Fancy Venue (Suite # 8) 

$200.00 Deposit non refundable   ( Large Venue )


For more information Prices and details must be in person, we don't want to create any miscommunication or misunderstanding

Is very important to book your activity in advance to get the day you really want. We do get book pretty quick.